Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yakushimaru Hiroko 薬師丸 ひろ子- A Lover's Concerto

薬師丸 ひろ子 6th studio album
Released: 1989.02.15
Oricon Chart Position: 2

Actress, vocalist active since 1981.

Title track is a cover of The Toy's 1965 hit which peaked at Billboard Hot 100 chart at the number 2 position. The version that I subscribed to is by Diana Ross and the Supremes as recorded in the album; I Hear A Symphony, released on 1965.10.06.

 With this posting, perhaps I might get my buddy Zach to re - post Yakushimaya's: 古今集, ツイン・ベスト and 歌物語.


  1. Most definitely I will repost them!!! Thanks for this....can't wait to download it!

    1. Thank you for your re - post Zach. I am looking forward to it. Hope you will enjoy this posting.

  2. Thank you VERY much for this! Looking forward to more from her if you have them. Thanks again.

    1. You are most welcome. Unfortunately, this is the only CD that I have of hers presently. Keep an eye on Zach's site as he will be re - posting some of hers. Enjoy!

    2. Corwyn and Mark....sorry for the delay. I'm a big Hiroko fan too! Unfortunately I have a bad habit of deleting duplicates and I do not have all the tracks for 古今集 nor my copy with me in Korea. Good news is though that I found a good quality link for you all~

      I will be posting ツイン・ベスト and 歌物語 soon. In the meantime, here is an addition greatest hits: Sentence セ・ン・テ・ン・ス (1988)

      I plan on returning to Japan this summer and if time permits...shopping around for some more albums. In a few days I'll put up a request post so please look out for it and keep some "most wanted" in mind

    3. Zach, ... thank you for the update and the mediafire links. I will be checking them out as soon as I conclude this reply. I will keep a look out for your request post.

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