Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Karashima Midori 辛島美登里 - Birthday

Karashima Midori 辛島美登里
4th Album
Released: 1992.03.04

I hope this posting will cheer - up my buddy Zach who is down with tonsillitis.

Track List:

01. Birthday
02. ワンダーヴィーナス  
03, レイニー・デイ
04. See You Again
05. Caribbean Blue
06. 一人ではいられない
07. ラプソディ・ラプソディ
08. 星とワインとあなた
09. 幻

A video of the title track

.................. your birthday, my birthday, happy Birthday


  1. Feeling much better today, right in time for summer English camp! Thanks for this...I hope to get started on you Akina soon!

    FEN just posted Best Finger on his new site: here's the link

    1. Hey Zach, glad to know that you are feeling much better. Thank you for your consideration in re - posting Akina. I will post the Akina album as mentioned to you on your blog. In this way, it may save you some effort in posting. Thank you for the link from Fen's new site. Unfortunately, I am not privy to his new site. Enjoy the camp.

  2. Corwyn....How are you doing? I wanted to let you know that I finished compiling together the Akina albums but when I went to the PC room today to upload them....they for some reason no longer offer wifi! So sorry for the delay but it looks like it will be another week before I get them to you once I return from sorry! But the good news is that I should have more goodies after picking up a few more albums lol! Hope all is well and hope to have em for ya soon

    1. Zach, I am doing well. Thank you for taking the trouble to obtain the Akina albums which I requested for. There is absolutely no need to hurry and I will wait until you return from Japan to upload the files. In the meantime I will start posting the few Akina albums which I happen to have. Enjoy Japan, and have a great time and loads of fun. I hope that you will be able to purchase some interesting goodies to post. Safe journey.

  3. Here's two of them^^
    VAMP ~
    ムード歌謡 〜歌姫昭和名曲集 ~


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