Friday, October 19, 2012

Southern All Stars サザンオールスターズ - Southern All Stars

9th Album
Released 1990.01.13

In addition to my day job I am back to teaching UOL / LSE programs for the next few months. It will be quite some time before I will think about posting anything. Therefore, enjoy this SAS posting in the mean time.

01 - フリフリ’65
02 - 愛は花のように(Ole[']!)
03 - 悪魔の恋 
04 - 忘れられたBig Wave
05 - YOU
06 - ナチカサヌ恋歌
07 - OH,GIRL(悲しい胸のスクリーン)
08 - 女神達への情歌(報道されないY型の彼方へ)
09 - 政治家 
11 - さよならベイビー
13 - 逢いたくなった時に君はここにいない

I also have to repair my record player or perhaps purchase a new one, where, hopefully it will allow me to digitized the very few records which I own. On the assumption that the records are still playable selections that can be had in the future may include:

- Harada Tomoyo - 時をかける少女 - OST - 1983
- Imai Miki - Elfin
- Yamaguchi Momoe - In Koma (LIVE Album)
- Yakushimaru Hiroko - セーラー服と機関銃 (Sailor
  Suit and Machine Gun) - OST - 1981
- Southern All Stars - Nude Man


  1. Does someone has Chikaco Sawada's Best Album TO YOU!? I'm very longing to it...if there is, please! upload it!Thank you very much and more power!

    1. Hi, I am sorry but I do not have the album which you seek. If I do learn of site containing that album, I will update you. thanks for your comments.

  2. Corwyn...It has been quite a while! I hope you are well. I have unfortunately been pretty under the weather with various things for most of my stay here in Korea. This past Saturday I chose to have some corrective surgery to hopefully help my sinus problems. I wanted to contact you as it has been some time and I hope you aren't too burdened. Thanks again for the efforts and look forward to any new posts!

    1. Zach, It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I hope that you are well and that the sinus problem has been properly addressed. I have been rather busy lately with work, and with preparing a new and complete set of lecture notes and other teaching materials. I am sure that you know only too well what I mean. I hope that work, for you, is going along well. If I have some time over the weekend or next week I will post something. Hopefully, I will have a record player before the year is out, and I will post Imai Miki's Elfin. Do take care, and I too look forward to new post, and in hearing from you. Let me know if you get a chance to head down / up my way.


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