Monday, October 1, 2012

THE YEMOTO (THE 家元)- 三味線オン・マイ・マインド (SHAMISEN ON MY MIND)

Released 1990.11.21

I do not know much about this group nor of other albums they released. Nonetheless the music strikes me as amusing and makes for fun listening.

Track Listing

01 〈幕間〉千鳥 
02 襲名~パーティ・ナイト
03 マッスル千代の富士
04 越後獅子
05 〈幕開〉急がば廻れ~パイプ・ライン~キャラバン 
         - Interlude ~ Walk Don't Run ~ Pipe Line ~Caravan
06 薬一発
07 いらっしゃいませ
08 鶴亀
09 東京ペロン
10 バック・トゥ江戸時代
11 〈お開き〉禁じられた三味線(ロマンス・ド・アモール) ~ Epilogue~ Shamisen De Amor

Line Up:

Takamitsu Shogun: Lead and Background Vocals and Pecussions
Utamaro Sakon: Lead and Background Vocals
Shamesen - ya Hiromitsu: Lead and Rhythm Shamisen
Kagemimochi Soenosuke: Tsuzumi, Shimadaiko and Percussions
Hayashiya Taikomochi: Drums and Japanese Percussions.
Kameya Magenzo: Synthesizer Programming.
Sakura Kinnosuke: Electric Bass
Kagurazaka E: Electric Guitar
Geisha Girls - Mameyakko & Shimeyakko- Background Vocals
Ike Nelson: Rap

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