Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nakamori Akina 中森明菜 - CRUISE

14th Album 
Released: 1987.07.25

Track List
02. 赤い不思議(ミステリー) (Akai Fushigi)
03. さよならじゃ終らない (Sayonara ja Owaranai)
04. ライアー ( LIAR)
05. 乱火  (Ranbi)
06. クローズ・ユア・アイズ (Close Your Eyes)
07. スタンディング・イン・ブルー (Standing In Blue)
08. 風は空の彼方 (Kaze wa Sora no Achira)
09. シンガー (Singer)
10. 雨が降ってた… (Ame ga Futteta)


  1. LIAR is one of my all time favorites of hers! I love the B-side "Blue on Pink" as well. You can really feel her emotionally in the track. Unfortunately, it seemed that no one tried to scratch beneath the surface or address her drastic weight loss and we almost lost her talent later that year. You were in Japan around that time if I'm not mistaken. As a younger fan, I am curious about the obviously dismal atmosphere surrounding that period of her life.

  2. Hey Zach, LIAR, it has been said, reflects her sentiment of Kondo. The people whom I spoke to then generally shook their heads in sympathy of her plight and her subsequent action. All of us felt for her and that most respected her sadness and despair hence did not venture to speculate nor to pose personal yet sensitive questions. However, I am sure that there were much 'reports' in the tabloids but I did not indulge. If there were further big buzz about other events with respect to that period in her life, I did not feel it then in Sendai.

    Around that time, if I recall correctly, Matsuda Seiko was taking up a large portion of the 'news'. A segment of it was with respect to Kondo, but I recall distinctly that it was her great and somewhat displayed fondness for very much younger men that was the grand gossip topic hence etched in my mind.

    On the side, it was then too that I purchased a phone card with Nakamori's portrait fronting the card. I wonder if people still collect or trade them.

    Zach, thank you for the comments. As I have, I too am sure that you have been busy but I hope you are doing and keeping well. I try post something nice next week or so to cheer up the cold winter in Korea. You take care

  3. could you please make it available again? it says "permission denied" :(

    1. Hi. I apologize that I did not read your comments at an earlier time. The link appears to work for me. Do try again and please let me know if you have issues. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Corwyn, thanks in advance for all the great music! I am having a problem though with Akina Nakamori 'Cruise' download, Mega is saying I need a 'decryption key' or to contact the creator of the link! Any help there?

    Thanks :)

  5. Ooops! I mispoke, I was able to grab 'Cruise' - it was for Akina's "Crimson' album that was giving me problems! My apologies

    1. Thanks for visiting - link to CRimson has been fixed. Enjoy the music!


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