Friday, June 21, 2013

Tanimura Yumi 谷村有美 - 幸福の場所~しあわせのありか

9th Album
Released 1994.12.01

Track Listing
01 甘いウェイヴ
02 - 彼女のフィアンセ
03 - 恋に落ちた
04 - あしたの私に会いたくて
05 - 雪の扉
06 - あなたに愛を
07 - 瞬きの数ほどの偶然
08 - はじめの一歩
09 - 午前0時のオアシス
10 - ずっと忘れない


  1. As always THANK YOU!!! Hope you are doing well. I am currently in the unemployed club, so much of my time is dedicated to that for now. However the tunes get me through the daily drudge! I feel like I am always telling you bad news hahaha, it's not so bad! Best wishes my friend!

  2. hey Zach, good to hear from you again. I am glad that you enjoyed this Tanimura posting and that it is helping you through the days. I have another one of her CD somewhere and I will post it once I excavate it. All best wishes in your finding employment soon. In the mean time, sit back, enjoy the summer and enjoy the tunes.


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