Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wakui Emi 和久井映見 - PEARLY (パーリー)

6th Album
Released 1993.08.25

Track List

01. 抱きしめたいのはあなただけ(オーヴァチュア)
02. むかえにこないで
03. 始まりの夏
04. さよならを言わなかった
05. いつか信じさせてね
06. シャイニング・デイ
07. フォト・スタンド
08. 近くて 遠い人
09. どこにいてもだれといても
10. 抱きしめたいのはあなただけ(リミックス)

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  1. Corwyn~

    Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it!

    I'm doing temporary work but I am currently in the process of studying for a teaching exam to allow me to pursue a credential/masters program. The fish haven't been biting so I thought maybe this would be better and I've got a in with a program. Carpe diem I guess haha.

    How are things with you? I hope well^^ I'm glad you liked the last few posts, I knew you were a fan of Masami Tsuchiya so hopefully I was able to add a few Ippu-Do albums to your collection!

    Stay well my friend and hopefully some more music will be coming your way!


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