Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kawai Naoko 河合 奈保子 - LIVE (河合奈保子のアルバム) - VINYL RIP

Recorded 1980.10.14 at Yubin - Chokin (郵便貯金) Hall, Tokyo
Released 1980.12.10
Columbia AF 7019

Track Listing

Side A
1. Overture (1 min, 5 sec)
愛の花咲くとき (3 mins,  18 sec)
3. ヤング・ボーイ (3 mins, 23 sec)
4. Generation' 80 
((コメ・プリマ~ゴンドリエ~ヴォラーレ~パローレ・パローレ~日曜はだめよ~チャオ・チャオ・バンビーナ~オー・シャンゼリゼ) (4mins, 26 sec)
5. 不思議なピーチパイ (3mins, 43 sec)
6. 翼を下さい (4mins, 20 sec)

Side B
1. ハリケーン・キッド (3mins, 28 sec)
2, 甘いささやき (3 mins, 55 sec)
3. 大きな森の小さなお家 (3 mins, 22 sec)
4. Can't Stop The Music (2 mins, 45 sec)
5. 二人だけのデート (2mins, 55 sec)
6. さよなら ありがとう (4mins, 37 sec) 当ライブの為のオリジナル曲

Additional Tracks Found on CD are:
  1. パパとふたりだけにして
  2. パパお願い
  3. 時は流れ…十二の春
  4. ハッピー・ライフ ハッピー・フィーリング
  5. パパとふたりだけにして


  1. Yes...the Live album you told me...I've been waiting for this~~^^
    Thank you so much..

    Could you tell me your e-mail add.,,,

    I have sth special for you...privately..

    You can tell me... through the "Contact Me" on my blog.. on the left Top~~!!
    See you soon...^^

    1. Fen! Thank you for your comments. I am glad that you enjoy this posting. I will be posting another of her LIVE album this weekend. Look out for it. Once again, thank you ever so much for your generous postings!

  2. can you up more 河合奈保子 live ? Thank you very much !

  3. Hi, do you happen to have the song Lavender Lips by 河合奈保子

    Thank you so much for the blog! Great stuff!! :D

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have the song Lavender Lips ..... however, if I do get hold of a copy I will post it. Thank you for visiting.


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