Monday, May 19, 2014

Yamaguchi Momoe 山口 百恵 - A Face In A Vision

17th Album
Released: 1979.04.01

Track Listing

01 マホガニー・モーニング
02 愛の行方
03 悲しきドラマー・マン
04 おだやかな構図
05 美・サイレント
06 デイ・ドゥリーム
07 ギャルソン・アミ
08 喰べられてしまった貘
09 水曜日のクオレ
10 想い出のミラージュ
11 夜へ…

A Face In A Vision


  1. Congratulations, Corwyn! Your Blog is really extraordinary and you have introduced us to some rare musical beauties! I would like to ask you if there's available any early Mai Yamane (for example "Tasogare") or any Time Five album to be posted. I think those artists deserve to be discovered and appreciated by many music lovers around... Thanks again and talk soon! ~ SoulLakis

    1. Hey Soullakis, thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I do not have any of Mai Yamane's album but Jun Lee has three posted on his site JPop80ss, so there you go! I will be posting the last of the Miles Davis CD which I have on Master Sound later on so look out for it. As always, I look forward to talking to you again soon.

  2. Thank you so much for the Miles Davis albums and the "heads up" for the Yamane's posts, Corwyn! The sound quality of those classic Miles albums is superb! Keep on keepin' on and talk again soon.

    1. Hey there Soullakis, I am glad that you are enjoying the Miles posting. With respect to sound quality, I have copies of the Miles' albums ripped in WMA lossless format, and will post them (after I clean up the metadata) if you are keen. Do let me know. In the meantime enjoy the tunes!


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