Sunday, July 13, 2014

J-Walk - Suddenly

1st Album
Released: 2002.03.03

Track List

01. Just Falling In Love
02 아니
03 Suddenly
05 Secret
04 헤어지던 날
06 Come On
07 이대로 사랑할께요
08 Big Show
09 나의 첫사랑이자 마지막 사랑
10 거꾸로 가는 시계
11 슬픈 영화처럼
12 Suddenly (Classical Version MR)


  1. I really dig this one! I know i've been MIA for a while, thanks again for the emails! I've got a few files I'm gonna find time for here soon. Thanks again! I really hope your doing well!

    1. Hey Zach! Glad that you are up and around again. Gone MIA is not an issue whatsoever as long as you are healthy, safe and doing well. I am glad that you managed to secure employment and I pray that all will go well for you in the future. I am glad that you dig this posting, hence I will post another J - Walk for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, these two are the only work that I have of them. Dang! Looking forward to your postings!


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