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Released: 1998.07.16
Catalog Number: TYCY - 5605
Label: Toshiba EMI
Music By: Oshima Michiru 大島ミチル

Track Listing

ACT I: Sunahama no Joukei 
01 Summer Gift (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)
02 Cheerful Miho
03 Afternoon With An Excited Heart
04 Happy Feeling (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)

ACT II   Pigu & Mogu
05 Pigu & Mogu Theme
06 Playing With Each Other, Grasping Each Other
07 Homeland Of The Fairies

ACT III   Yume Miru Miho
08 Miho's Wild Imagination
09 Fine Day For A Nap (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)
10 The World Of Eternal Dreams
11 Humming (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)
12 Sneaking Around, A Little Panicked

ACT IV   Tarou Toujou!
13 Mood For Assumed Innocence
14 Tarou's Mischievous Mind
15 Feeling Excited!
16 Want To See You - Don't Want To See You (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)

ACT V   Kareinaru Seichou!
17 Listening To The Memory Of Time
18 Lala - Her Special Smile
19 Hiroya, My Idol
20 La La La -With Wishes On My Lips- (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)

ACT VI   Yoru no Shiokaze 
21 Lost In Thought
22 Dreamy Girl's Mind
23 Spring-Coloured Photograph (audition version) (Vocal: Reiko Ohmori)

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