Thursday, August 21, 2014

OST - OVER TIME オーバー・タイム

Broadcast Station: Fuji TV
Broadcast Period: 1999.01.04 - 1999.04.22
Episodes: 12

Track List
01 Main Theme
02 Touch
03 Lonely Girl
04 Mirai
05 No Decorations
06 1987
07 Showing Me the Way
08 Sono Speed de
09 A Low Dining Table
10 Every Nook and Corner
11 Sunday Morning Lovers
12 Game Over
13 Early Afternoon
14 Sone Speed de
15 I Believe


  1. can you up more 河合奈保子 live albums ? Thank you very much !

    1. Hi, unfortunately I have only two of her LIVE albums, of which one has been posted. The other one skips very badly in several places hence I am unable to digitize the album.


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