Sunday, April 12, 2015

Takahashi Yukihiro 高橋幸宏 - Life Time, Happy Time (ライフタイム,ハッピー・タイム~幸福の調子)

18th Album
Released: 1992.03.18

Track Listing

01. 元気ならうれしいね
02 男において
03 素敵な人
04 フォロー・ユー・ダウン
05 グッド・デイズ,バッド・デイズ
06 ファーザーズ
07 パースート・オブ・ハッピネス
08 ハッピー・チルドレン
09 MIS
10 しあわせになろうよ
11 幸福の調子


  1. Hi.
    I'm very happy that i discovered your blog today.
    I'm searching for some japan records.
    Can you help me please?
    Joe Yamanaka - To The New World
Mayumi Itsuwa - Today
    Eikichi Yazawa - P.M.9
    Eikichi Yazawa - I Am A Model
    Goro Noguchi - In L.A. USA
    Goro Noguchi - In New York
    Goro Noguchi - L.A. Express
    Kazumasa Oda - K. Oda
    Keiko Mizukoshi - I'm Fine
    Naoko Kawai - Daydream Coast
    Sadao Watanabe - Front Seat
    Tatsuhiko Yamamoto - Next
    Toshifumi Hinata "Original TV Series Soundtrack - 敏文 / 愛という名のもとに" (1992)
    Yoshiyuki Suzuki - L.A. Lillaby
    Yasuko Agawa ‎– When The World Turns Blue
    Takao Kisugi - Zigu Zagu
    Thank you very much.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Sergej, Thank you for visiting and I am glad that you enjoy the selections thus far, Unfortunately, I do not have any of the items on your wish list. The nearest is Yazawa's P.M. 9 LIVE but I have it on vinyl which I hope to post in the future. In the meantime enjoy the music!


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