Wednesday, September 23, 2015

OST ~ Escaflowne: Over The Sky

1st of 4 OST
Released: 1996.06.05

Track List

01 約束はいらない (Yakusoku wa Iranai) - Promises Not Necessary
02 Flying Dragon
03 Dance of Curse
04 Murder
05 Escaflowne
06 Angel
07 Cubic
08 Romance
09 Ne Zu Mi
10 Wings
11 Gloria
12 Eyes
13 ポケットを空にして - Empty the Pocket
14 White Dove
15 Mystic Eyes
16 Deja Blue


  1. I've been busy lately, and what do I see? :) This one was quite popular back in the day. And I could swear it was yesterday ;)... but the music lasts. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ryo, You are welcome as always.I am glad that you are enjoying the postings. There is still more anime OST to come, Stay Tuned! Cheers!

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