Saturday, September 12, 2015

OST ~ 3×3EYES - 聖魔伝説~末裔譜譚詩

1st Album of Second OVA
Released: 1995.07.05
Composer: 和田 薫 (Wada Kaoru)
Vocals: Track 3 & Track 8 - Takada Band (森川 智之  and 三松 亜美)

Track Listing

01 メインテーマ
02 ヒマラヤにて
03 終わりなき旅路
04 日溜りの中で……
05 再会・八雲とパイ
06 覚醒Ⅰ
07 魔の刻
08 Still In The Shadow
09 愛のテーマ
10 狂気なる人形
11 レディ強襲
12 残酷な真実~愛のテーマ
13 覚醒Ⅱ
14 旅立ち
15 Stay

3 X 3 EYES


  1. Thanks! I liked that one back in the day :). Those albums are very good. If someone is hesitant because it is from anime, I have to say that it's worth to give it a shot. Some of the instrumental parts are true gems - and I'm talking about anime OSTs in general. By the way, last time I checked (it was some time ago though) the old albums of Southern All Stars had dead links. Any chance for re-upload? Thanks for all the music here :).

    1. Hey Ryo, I agree that many instrumental sections from anime are really very good and they really do deserve serious listening. I do have a few more, although not much, OST from anime which I will post soonest. Thank you for your comments, and for you feedback with respect to the broken SAS links, I will re-load them again. Happy Listening!


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