Friday, September 18, 2015

Southern All Stars サザンオールスターズ - 熱い胸さわぎ

1st Album
Released: 1978.08.25

Track Listing

01. 勝手にシンドバッド
02. 別れ話は最後に
03. 当って砕けろ
04. 恋はお熱く
05. 茅ヶ崎に背を向けて
06. 瞳の中にレインボウ
07. 女呼んでブギ
08. レゲエに首ったけ
09. いとしのフィート
10. 今宵あなたに


  1. Thanks for the latest reuploads, and this one too :). I like what I hear, so far :). They seem to be quite popular and big in Japan (no pun intended ;)).

    1. You are welcome! Enjoy!,Yes, SAS is still highly popular and has always been up there in J - Rock / Pop. I have another Kuwata album somewhere around and which I will post when I find it.


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