Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yazawa Eikichi 矢沢 永吉 - I LOVE YOU, OK

1st Album
Released: 1975.09.21

Track Listing

1. セクシー・キャット
2. ウイスキー・コーク
3. キャロル
4. 雨のハイウェイ
5. キザな野郎
6. ライフ・イズ・ヴェイン
7. 恋の列車はリバプール発
8. 安物の時計
9. 夏のフォトグラフ
10. 奴はデビル
11. サブウェイ特急
12. アイ・ラヴ・ユー,OK


  1. That one is a true classic! 1975... when I'm looking at the cover, I have to say, that if somebody would show me it in 1985, I wouldn't guess that it is 10 years old. It's not a bad thing, just... kind of different than most of the mid-70's record covers but in a good way. I hope there will be more Yazawa albums in the future, as I haven't seen them anywhere else so far :).

    1. Hey Ryo, always nice to have comments from you. I am glad that you do find the album interesting - musically as well as the cover artwork. I have always found album cover artwork to be visually interesting, and some are actually rather good - broadly speaking. I have another Kuwata album, Musicman, which I will post as soon as I get to upload the files. Yes, there will be more Yazawa postings coming your way....and since I am logged on, let me post another one for your enjoyment! Cheers.


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