Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sadistic Mika Band サディスティック・ミカ・バンド ~ ナルキッソス (FLAC)

7th Album
Released: 2006.10.25

Track List

01 Big-Bang,Bang!(愛的相対性理論)
02 Sadistic Twist
03 in deep hurt
04 The Last Season
05 King fall
06 sockernos
07 Tumbleweed
08 Jekyll
09 Low Life and High Heels
10 NARKISSOS(Instrumental)
11 タイムマシンにおねがい(2006 Version|Bonus Track)


  1. Hello

    There seems to be a wrong link? The link contains album "Kuro Fune/Black Ships" from 1974, not the "Narkissos" from 2006. Can You please check it? Thanks for Every Little Things albums, and Agnes Lum - if You have more of her, please post :).

    With regards,

    1. Hi Akio, I just re-linked the post for Narkissos and it should work, thank you for the heads-up. Enjoy the music..

  2. Thank You!!!

    Sadistic Mika Band... it was a big discovery for me, I think, kinda 11-12 years ago? Or even earlier. Their classic 70s albums are great. Funny, insteresting, beautiful music. Also great musicians who managed to have a succesful solo careers (I may be wrong, but I remeber that Yukihiro Takahashi was their drummer - later known better as a part of Yellow Magic Orchestra, also Masayoshi Takanaka - his guitar parts are phenomenal, and his solo albums... now that's real music that is well played and fun to listen). Later, when they became "Sadistics" (part of the musicians from the orginal band decided to stay active during the late 70s) they still produced some intersting stuff. Thanks again for this album :).


    1. Hey Akio, thank you for your comments, always appreciated.

      Takanaka is indeed highly skilled and did release many albums, and I was fortunate that Fenikon did post quite a collection for downloading. Every once so often, I play a range of his albums in a sort of self-organized Takanaka Music Marathon.

      Takahashi did go on to drum for YMO and has also released many solo works. Unfortunately I do not have much of his work (though I have some on vinyl) but I recall that Jun has posted some and I am sure that you have them already.

      I would have liked to post a vinyl ripped version of Black Ships & Live In London but never seem to get it to work. I should have a CD of Live In Tokyo (2007) lying around somewhere, I will post a FLAC version of it when I get a chance.

      In the meantime, do enjoy the music, thank you for visiting and for your remarks.



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