Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Brilliant Green ザ・ブリリアント・グリーン - TERRA 2001

2nd Album
Released: 1999.09.08

Track Listing

01 Bye! My Boy!
02 Ai No Ai No Hoshi (愛の♥愛の星; The star of love ♥ love)
03 Brownie the Cat - Miwaku No Neko Ruumu - 魅惑の猫ルーム; Charming Cat Room
04 Call My Name [English Version]
05 Maybe We Could Go Back to Then [76 Version]
06 September Rain
07 Funny Girlfriend!!
08 Round and Round
09 Sono Supiido De (そのスピードで; At that speed)
10 Can't Stop Cryin'
11 Nagai Tameiki No You Ni (長いため息のように; Like a Long Sigh)

TERRA 2001

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