Saturday, December 9, 2017

NOTE: Down Links

I have had inquiries about downed links - almost all downloads were linked to MEGA but they have since terminated my account (as mentioned earlier) so ALAKAZAM!!! - no more links!

At present I am not inclined to re-up the links on any major scale as I am swamp with this thing called life. I may do so intermittently but I have not had much rants or raves or table-pounding to re-establish this site.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

NOTE: Blog Visits

I note that there is still much visitations to this site, with respect to Keep On Keeping On, even after I announced that there will  not be any more new postings, that many of the links are down - that is because Mega canned my account, and I would not be restoring the downed links. However, from traffic, I wonder if I should just maintain and post on this blog instead.

Some input, comment, gripe, 2 cents, piece of mind, rantings, ravings would help.