Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I attempted some vinyl rips but I am still trying to get the ripping and post - ripping processes straightened out. I do not own an USB turntable which allows for easy ripping hence there remains to determine what else I might need to ease the ripping process. 

The bitrate for these first attempts will be at 128 kps, and I may or may not separate the recorded segments into individual tracks but, instead, record and present one side of the LP as one MP3 file. Whenever possible, I will append playing time for each track as this will assist in identifying the track on the time slider on, say, Windows Media Player. I will work to rip at 320 kps and lossless, and towards separating the recorded segments into individual tracks and any added bells and whistles which may be useful.

In the mean time do enjoy whatever little that is posted.


  1. Very VERY Cool! The quality for 長月 神無月 is pretty decent^^~

    Can't wait for more LP's and hopefully the conversion process isn't too stressful. Thanks a lot and I hope things are going well for you!

    1. Zach! I hope that you are enjoying the album. Hopefully I will be more conversant with posting higher quality vinyl rips in the future - I am working on it whenever I get a chance to. However, I had been busy of late and can't spend as much time on music as I want to. I hope that you are keeping well. I look forward to your up-coming postings!