Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nagai Mariko 永井真理子 - Energy Report 元気予報

Her second album released on 1988.01.25. The music for 瞳・元気 (Hitomi Genki) was composed by Karashima Midori. The lyrics was composed by Karashima and Tadano Natsumi.

Karashima also composed music to several other songs recorded by Nagai. Off hand, I recall Fight! and Dear My Friend where, again, if I recall correctly are recorded in the album Tobikkiri which I shall post in the future. 

Furthermore, Karashima provided background vocals in Nagai's 'Catch Ball' album. 


  1. Corwyn! I'm glad you've joined the ranks! It's a time consuming hobby, so I appreciate that you are sharing. Ive been meaning to add your blog to my blog list, so I did today! Look forward to your postings and hopefully Ill find some great stuff that you will enjoy!


    1. Hey Zach! - thank you for your kind words. I will certainly post as much that I am able to. It is certainly a time consuming hobby but it has its rewards that one is able to meet great people such as yourself. I always look forward, with much eagerness, to your postings. If you have a request, please do not hesitate. Alright - lets me search my collection and determine what I am able to post next..... Korea is cool!! . .. I used to work in Koje Island at SHI ... yeah miss the Korean food and beer! - corwyn


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