Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NOTE: Absence of Posting & Future Postings

I have not had the occasion to post any music for some time now. I am rather unsure of how many people do visit or follow this site. If you do visit, please leave a comment, even a 'Hi' would suffice.

I plan to post Nagai Mariko 永井真理子 - Energy Report 元気予報  in the next week or so. There are a few requests for this album on a most well known site.

Therefore, upcoming ......

Nagai Mariko 永井真理子
2nd Album
Energy Report 元気予報
Released 1988.01.25

1. マインド・ユア・ステップ

2. 親友 
3. ソー・バッド
4. ブランニュー・ウェイ
5. 瞳・元気
6. Karma Karma
7. 3D ナイトへおいで
8. Mariko
9. いつもセレナーデ
10. 黄昏のストレイシーブ

Expected posting on week of 14th May 2012.

If I do get around to it, I could also post Catch Ball, Wash!, Miracle Girl and others....

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