Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UPDATE - Southern All Stars - サザンオールスターズ

The following Southern All Stars albums have been re-loaded and re-linked:

1)10(TEN)ナンバーズ・からっと : March 2012
2) 世に万葉の花が咲くなり: April 2012
3) マンピーのG★スポット: May 2012
4) Tsunami: May 2012
5)Erotica Seven: July 2012
6) 稲村ジェーン (Inamura Jane): August 2012
7) ステレオ太陽族 (Stereo Sunny Youth): August 2012
8) Southern All Stars: October 2012

Do let me know if there are further issues. Thanking Ryo for the feedback on the problem links.


  1. Hello :). Thanks for the reuploads!! I'm looking forward to give them a listen, especially as I never heard anything form them. There are still two albums with dead links - "Enoshima - Sas Golden Hits Medley" And "Kirei" (Vinyl Rip). If You have other their albums, I hope they will appear here too. Thanks again for the new links :).

    1. Hi Ryo, thank you once again for the heads-up. I will certainly post as much SAS and Kuwata that I am able to obtain. Do enjoy the music!