Thursday, September 17, 2015

UPDATES ~ Southern All Stars - サザンオールスターズ

The following downloads have been re - loaded and re - linked

1) 綺麗 (Kirei) : July 2014
2) Enoshima - Golden Hits Medley: June 2014

Once again, thanking Ryo for the heads-up. Enjoy!


  1. Hello! Do you have any material of singer/actress Naoko Ken (研ナオコ)?

    1. Hi Bruno, unfortunately, the only material I have are two singles - 夏をあきらめて and Lonely Way - but nothing else. If you do not already have these pls let me know and I will post them,.

  2. Thank you Corwyn for posting so much amazing stuff!
    I have been searching for Toshifumi Hinata's soundtrack for 'Tokyo Love Story' to no avail.

    Any chance you have a copy?

    1. Hi Dekapon, thank you for your visit and for your comments.,, unfortunately I do not have a copy of the soundtrack - but if I do come across it, I will post it for sure. In the meantime enjoy the postings!


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