Monday, November 30, 2015

NOTE - Ramblings

Water damage in the living room forcing me to sort out LPs, Singles and CDs etc. The following images show some stuff being sorted out and re-discovered.

RC Succession's Rhapsody, Ohtaki's Long Vacation, and Yazawa's Gold Rush always make good listening

Yazawa's P.M. 9 LIVE and Super LIVE in Budokan. Top of image, on left, show singles from Sakamoto Kyu. 

I could post much of the LPs, but I would rather keep them as Audacity files rather than covert them into MP3, I seem to loose much signal on conversion - most likely due to my ignorance + other shortcomings, on my part, in using some of the music processing software etc, also I am not keen in dishing out moola for a turntable that would allow direct conversion into MP3 - senseless as I already use a Technics - was about to spin YMO's Public Pressure.

However, before all this vinyl rip can start, I need to be re-install the OS on my machine - unsure of when that would occur but when that happens all posted ZIP files would not be accessible because of SYNC function between my machine and MEGA. Nevertheless, all ZIP files will be re-posted, if required, once I get back on-line again. I will keep all posted as to when re-installation begins.

Need a yeah, nah, rotten tomatoes respond to determine if I should go ahead with posting music in Audacity file format. Therefore, do leave a comment or two.

I will be away for most parts of December to some forsaken place hence there will not be any postings for the good part of that month. 

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