Saturday, April 21, 2018

Nakamori Akina 中森明菜 - クリムゾン [FLAC]

10th Album
Released 1991.07.17



  1. Hello, thanks for this album, hope this is the non remastered version. BTW I'm looking for Akina early albums (Non remastered) hope you have copies and post it, because I think the remastered version is too loud and not so enjoyable when listening.
    Thank you.

    1. This version of Crimson is not the re-mastered version. I do have about all of her early albums and I will post them of course. It is just that I am surprised that you are not able to find any of her early work on the net. In the meantime enjoy the music and keep a look out for her early albums.

    2. Thanks sir, actually I do had some of her early albums but all are in remastered version (very loud)so I'm looking for those non remastered which is quieter and nice to listen. hope you can post it soon.

    3. Hi Mr8 . Although I have much of her work, I may not be able to identify which of the MP3 are re-mastered versions. Do note that some of the 'loud' ones could be ripped from vinyl - e.g. I have a 320 version of Prologue that is ripped from vinyl and it is quite 'loud'. As a side note, I have all of her early albums to 1985 in vinyl and they tend to be 'loud'. Her later vinyls, I find, tend to be rather muffed, or with overpowering orchestration and where her vocals are relegated more to the background.

      I could post her work but I wonder how much of them are in the non remastered version and how much you already have. It would be a waste of time for you to download items that you already have.

      Let me know your thoughts on this. Cheers!

    4. Thank you for your offer, how about her 2 80's compilation the Best and Best II in lossless.