Tuesday, April 3, 2018

NOTE - Previous Posts

I am in the slow process of re-posting material that disappeared when MEGA purged my account. I will probably not re-post all but if there is something, from previous posts, compelling that any of you guys want let me know. 


  1. Hi Corwyn,
    If it's OK to make another request can you please RE-up more of the Eiichi Ohtaki / Niagara Remasters? I can't remember which ones you'd posted: Niagara Triangle 1/2? Go Go Niagara? CM Special? I just remember seeing some Eiichi Ohtaki / Niagara here that I missed. Whatever you feel like posting will be awesome :)

    Also, not a RE-Post but do you have either of the Mother Goose albums (indian summer or panorama house)?

    Thank You for your patience, the Taniyama Hiroko albums, and everything :) Noel23

    1. Hi Noel23

      Yes I did post several of Ohtaki's re-masters some time back and I should have them somewhere around - I recall having Indian Summer as well but I could be mistaken. I will post whatever I can find of Ohtaki over the next fortnight or so.

    2. Thank You So Much! I really appreciate it :)